The World's Smartest Headbands



The World's Smartest Headbands



The World's Smartest Headbands


Empowering Athletes Since 2018

FitFones are the ultimate solution to improve your workouts; eliminating the need for any wires. We provide the most uniquely designed hearable technology on the market today.

Our unique patented technology is the first fully-integrated wireless headphones, encompassed in a comfortable, light-weight headband.

The World's First Smart Headbands.

Slide on. Sync up. Go.

  • Waterproof & Sweat Resistant

    With our fully waterproof and sweat resistant design, you are able to get as sweaty as your workout takes you. You can wash your FitFones just like a regular headband! Refer to our FAQ's for "How can I wash my FitFones?"

  • Exercise with tunes

    FitFones' passive noise cancelling headphones allow you to enjoy your music without distraction. FitFones give you the physical freedom to move in space you don't have with wired headphones.

  • Completely Wireless with Inductive Charging

    FitFones inductive charging technology allows you to quickly and easily get charged up. Simply rest your FitFones on the charge pad at the indicated area.

  • Connect to any device

    FitFones are the first completely wireless, fully-integrated, smart headbands on the market today. Our innovative design and technology incorporates Bluetooth® 4.2 connectivity, wireless charging, and passive noise cancelling headphones into one smart and comfortable headband.

High Quality Audio

Encompassed inside the comfortable, form-fitting headband are two passive noise cancelling headphones providing you with the tunes to keep you moving throughout your workout.

Completely Wireless

FitFones are the first completely wireless, fully integrated, smart headband's on the market today. We pride ourselves on eliminating the need for wires, giving you the freedom you need when exercising. 

Waterproof Design

Thanks to our patented design and technology, FitFones are completely waterproof. This allows you to sweat as much as you need, and wash your FitFones as much as you want.

Run With Freedom

Run with the freedom of a completely wireless headphone. No distractions, giving you the ability to focus on your workout; one beat at a time.

Waterproof & Sweat Resistant

No need to let weather hinder your workout; Run in the sun, or run in the rain! Enjoy the freedom to get as sweaty as possible throughout your workouts. Our wicking material will help pull sweat away from the skin, and dry in no time.

Futuristic Power

Using Bluetooth® 4.2, the latest in inductive charging, and a powerful Lithium Battery. FitFones require less time to charge, and give you more time to enjoy with 12 hours of play-time!

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The more I workout with my fitfones the more I love them! The headband design keeps my hair away, and the sound is perfect!

"I love these headphones!!! Great sound, comfortable, doesn't move, and doesn't get drenched in sweat"

The sound is great !!!

So far so good!! I couldn't hear a thing outside of them.

Super loud which I love and sound quality is on point!!